Hello 2014

We are back in full swing here in Washington. Here’s some energy news to watch so far:

Solar had a record year in 2013. Investors are particularly stoked about downstream ventures such as SolarCity.   What can we expect in 2014 for solar? More interest and investment in companies innovating in financing models, like SolarCity, and web-related applications. Eyes are on Mosaic, SunPower, SunEdisonClean Power Finance, SunRun.

The CBS show 60 Minutes ran an unflattering segment on clean energy called “Cleantech Crash” and cleantech folks are not happy with it. See a takedown of what’s right and wrong in the segment.

If you live anywhere somewhat east, you’ve had the New Year’s welcome of the Polar Vortex. Here’s the energy spin on it. Fracking and polar vortexPower grid and polar vortexNuclear energy and polar vortex

Visits and non-visits: Japan PM Shinzo Abe travels to Mozambique in the first trip to Africa by a Japanese leader in almost eight years. Meanwhile, US Energy Secretary Moniz cancels a trip to India after an Indian diplomat is arrested in New York.


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  1. Interesting to see both sides of the “60 Minutes” story.

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