Hi all, I am well aware that I have not posted in the last three months. To make amends here are quotes from some of the people I have interviewed in the last 3 months, from colorful to boring to somewhere in-between:   Burton Richter, Nobel laureate in physics, Professor at Stanford University and Director Emeritus at the […]

A dark line hundreds of people long winded outside the UN headquarters. “Good luck,” says the police officer, waving me toward them. Because yes, those are the hordes of journalists I have to contend with for the next nine hours in getting an eye and foot in the door of the summit proceedings. They hail […]

The Chinese solar industry now has the heft of the World Trade Organization (WTO) behind them in the spat with the US over solar product tariffs – making Chinese manufacturers and ironically, a large swathe of the US solar industry, very happy. A panel of WTO judges early this week deemed the US guilty of […]

Alright, so this isn’t energy related, but I can get pretty psyched about new tech stuff, and I just got a new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 so… review! Here goes: 1. Ordering. Er, every time I add something to my basket the online Microsoft store doubles it and I have to manually change it. I’m not […]

So clearly my intentions to keep a daily blog of my trip were in vain. The forces were against my intentions, though. Every day we would head out around 8/830am and trek our way through a day of meetings and traveling until 7/730p; whereupon we arrive at my only reliable source of internet on the trip, […]

Just over a week ago my bureau chief said, “Can we talk.” Oh boy, I thought. Is this about turning down the assistant oil editor position, which I had rejected about a week prior very bluntly, having little interest in covering oil policy and business (my exact words: “I have zero interest in oil” – […]

So a friend from Chicago, rightfully and safely far removed from the political circus, asked me innocently what hearings are for and whether I could give a brief rundown of how they factor into legislation. I’ll copy my reply here for the benefit of anyone living far from DC and wondering what on earth our […]